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    Purchased a set of the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headset from Amazon just a few weeks ago and have mixed feelings. In terms of quality, reliability, pairing (with my 680) and overall worth I think these are great! But they just are not a good fit for myself and what I am looking for in a A2DP. I used them less than 5 times and have a total use time of less than 2 hrs. Comes with original box and accesories.

    Looking to let these go for a VERY VERY fair (and competitive) price ($45 shipped or OBO) to someone who can give them a good home and some good use, I feel bad letting such a nice piece of technology just sit on my shelf. If anyone is interested let me know we can work something out. Payment can be arranged through paypal to document it or another secure method and I can provide my ebay user ID(same as here) for creditbility as well as the emails from my purchase with Amazon to "pedigree" the item. Thanks!
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    Please PM me and let me know if these are still available. I am very interested.

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