BackupBuddyVFS - 30% OFF for a week

BackupBuddyVFS is designed to work with organizers that support the Virtual File System (“VFS”), such as the Palm M Series, Tungsten, Handspring Treo, and the Sony Clie devices. You can use BackupBuddyVFS on almost any Palm OS device with a memory card.

With BackupBuddyVFS installed on your organizer, you can effortlessly backup your organizer’s critical files to the Sony Clie's Memory StickŪ or to Secure Digital or MultiMedia expansion cards for Palm organizers. In the event of a loss of data, you can then use BackupBuddyVFS to restore your organizer’s data from an expansion card. As a result, you no longer need to wait until you have access to your Hotsync cradle or a modem to backup or restore your data.
BackupBuddyVFS provides you with peace of mind when you are on the road - effortless mobile backups and restores from the company you trust!

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