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    Selling this because my NE2 I just found out has kicked in. I really love the phone and will be going with another Treo. The phone is in great condition, it actually was a brand new refurb sent from Verizon. Has had a screen protector on it since I received it. Only had the phone a few weeks. Along with the phone comes:

    - EXTENDED Seido Battery
    - Regular OEM battery
    - Car Charger
    - Wall charger
    - (2) clips, 1 is from Verizon and both work great
    - 1 GB SD Card
    - A package of Verizon screen protectors

    Heatware: JM12345
    Ebay: wthotpprs5

    $225 + shipping for it. PM me or you can reach me at JM781775 at gmail dot com. I will be uploading pictures later tonight.
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