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    Well I hate to do it but the 700P is for Sale. I just got this phone from Verizon 2 Weeks ago it is a refirbished one my old one had a key stuck and I could not use it at all so it was still under warranty with Verizon so they sent me a refurbished one.
    I have never had a problem with my 700p it has always worked perfectly so I did not install the MR. I never have resets works great, I just cannot afford the unlimited data for it anymore so it must go.
    I will include the box and disc it came with, I will include a car charger, I also have some cases for it that I will include. I have a Siedo crystal case, I have a palm horizontal case and I have some others also, anything I have for the phone goes with it. I don't want anything left behind as it will make me cry if I see it.
    Asking $300.00 or best offer. I will sell on here give everyone here first dibs then will go to Ebay. I will accept Paypal.
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    I will take some pictures later tonight and post them.
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    Forgot to mention my ebay name is: djo9153827
    I also have found three more cases I also have sync cables x2with a cradle on one of them, cxan't find my wall charger since I came home from vacation but I will find it or replace it.
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    bump found my wall charger.
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    Attached Images Attached Images
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    You may already know this but they can block the data plan, so you can keep the phone and just not have data... that is what I do...
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    I know I am just weak if I have the phone I want it all.
    I guess it is time for Ebay.
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    Well it's on Ebay if anyone is interested.

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