Hey gang,
It's closet cleaning time, so I've got a bunch of stuff to sell. If anybody's interested, drop me an e-mail or PM with an offer, would love to save the hassle of eBay and help out a fellow TC member.

1)Verizon Treo 650. It's a refurb* from Asurion, Verizon's insurance carrier, that I had for just shy of 3 months (I recently switched to Sprint). New battery when I got it, and it was in pristine condition when I got it. It's got some slight wear on the case (one very small spot on a corner on the back where the paint's rubbed off, and a little bit of the silver paint on the front sides is worn, but barely noticeable in most environments). Otherwise it's in great condition. I'll include two spare styli, a 512 mb SD card, and a spare (albeit beat up) antenna**, along with the original sync cable and a brand new Palm-issued charger.

2)Frosted clear Brando skin for Treo 650. It's in its package, never been used.

3)Seidio holster for skinned Treo 650. Note that this will NOT fit the aforementioned Brando skin, that skin is too thick to seat properly in this holster. It obviously works with the Seidio skin, and works, albeit with a snugger fit, with the SmartPhone Experts skins. It may fit a 700, I'm not sure.

4)Smartphone Experts skin for Treo 650, "executive grey" color, it's got a couple miscuts on the cutout for the screen, so I guess you'd call it usable but slightly blemished.

5)Frosted white/clear Seidio Ultimate Skin for Treo 750/755, brand new, in package. $24.95 plus shipping on Seidio's site, I'll give you shipping free in the US.

I've also got a Tungsten T3 (and a custom Vaja case for same) I'd like to sell, if anybody's got a use for it or has a friend/sig other who isn't ready for a Treo :-)


*-I'm not sure why so many people are against refurbs; in my view, a refurb was looked at individually by a technician to make sure that it was in perfect operating condition before being sent out, whereas a first run came off a line and probably didn't get checked as extensively unless it was spot checked. And this particular refurb looked sparkling new when I got it, FWIW.

**-Don't ask, LOL. I got the refurb because I managed to lose the cover for the antenna screw and then, in short time, that screw worked its way loose, so my Treo had no antenna. After I did the replacement, the old antenna turned up in a corner under my bed, so I might as well send it along to you in case it's ever of use :-)