PocketStreamer DELUXE: Entertainment 360!


Handango Champion AWARDS Finalist

* Live music, TVs, weather, news, radio and short movies from anywhere at anytime!
* Your favorite music including Jazz, Rock, Blues, 80s, Classical, Latin, Contemporary, Country and more..
* Listen to the latest headline news, market commentary and sports teams and comedy including include CNN, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, MSNBC, comedy and talk shows.
* Regional, national weather and forecast and local weather of your coming vacation or business trip.
* Watch CNN, BBC, NBR live TV right from your hand. Enjoy of latest headline news, financial market updates, entertainment and more.
* Enjoy short movies on a long journey or a trip home.
* Got your own mp3 collection and favorite web streaming sites? Create your personal favorites directly from PocketStreamer.
* Intuitive interface with easy toggle of multiple views

Enjoy live streaming music from US and other countries.

At-a-glance view of music by category.

Music channels including Rock