Ringtones Deluxe Volume2 (PALM)


Push your Palm Os Phone to the limit and make it sound unique!

After the huge success of "Ringtones deluxe +100" and by public demand, we now give you "Ringtones Deluxe II"!

Think you've heard it all with "Ringtones deluxe +100"?
Then listen again, because "Ringtones deluxe II" brings you a HOT NEW collection! Over 200, never published before, studio recorded and, above all, originally mixed ringtones and notification sounds for your Palm Phone!

Spice up your Phone with this collection of extremely and almost dangerously funny and original, (voice) ringtones, notification sounds, reminders and alarms. For all occasions, all locations and for everyone to listen to!

Ringtones Deluxe 2 will make your old Palm (Phone) sound like new again!


- Over 200 High quality (voice) ringtones & notification sounds

- Optimized for all MP3 playable Palm Os Phones

- Profesionally recorded and mixed

- Original and never published before

- Cool & witty female voice ringtones & notifications

- For all occasions.

The sounds can be used for individual and global ringtones, alarms, reminders, new email, new sms, new mms, new instant message, new voice message and all other customisable event sounds.

You'll need an MP3 playable Palm Os and/or MP3 ringtone software to enjoy this product.