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    Just a quick note.

    Handspring to CDMA Startac Cables now available at:

    18 inch cable in stock.

    Also an assortment of VAJA cases.

    Free shipping on orders over $50


    Robert Rinkewich
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    what does this cable allow me to do?

    do I need additional software on my Visor to use it?

    I have a SprintPCS (CDMA) startac (non-web browsing), am I ready to go with this cable? (Sprint only requires additional fee for web-browsing capable phones.)
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    It will allow you to connect and access the web.

    The only additional software needed is a web browser and email software.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you phone is "data capable" Please check with your service to see if you need "wireless web service" enabled to use "data services".
    Some providers require it to be activated on your calling plan, usually for an additional monthly or per-minute fee. Also, data capability is only possible while in a digital service area. It will not work when the phone is in analog mode.
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    Besides Pluscellular, I think you can buy the cables at and Gomadic has been the least expensive so far at $28 a piece, plus they also sell the parts so that you can make it yourself.

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