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    I have 3 Palm Treo batteries that can be used in the 650, 700p, and 700w, and the 700wx. They are all in great condition, and I'm pretty sure none of them are more than a year old. I got them in a package deal with my 700wx, but I never use them, so I'd rather sell them off than just have them sit here. Palm sells these for $60 new, so I'll sell for $30 shipped, or if you want all of them, $80 shipped.

    I also have one Transcend 4GB 150x SD Card, which was also part of the deal, and I thought I'd need it, but after loading all the songs I frequently listen to, and some pictures, and some programs, I still have over half of the other 4GB left, so I won't be needing the second one. Newegg sells these for $47 shipped, so I'll do $30 shipped.

    I accept PayPal. You can check feedback on SprintUsers, or Ebay with the same username, and on here, tastypeppers can verify that I'm legit.
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    how much just for sd card?
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    $30 shipped.
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    They're on EBay now...

    The second one is on there, too, if you look under my other listings. The third one isn't up yet because I think I might keep it. However, if somebody wants it, I'll let it go.

    If you are a member of this forum, and you use Buy It Now, let me know, and I will waive shipping, or discount it if you're international.

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