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    I just posted this on my local craigslist, but thought I would post here if anyone local is interested. I am going to get a 6800. I have it listed for $325 @ craigslist, but I will take $300 from anyone here that is local to me and wants it.

    I live in Plano, TX which is near Dallas.
    I have a brand new Sprint PPC-6700 that I just got from Sprint yesterday (6/20). I had an old one that I brought in for repair and they gave me a new one in return (not refurbished...brand new). The camera and IR port still have the plastic on them because its so new.

    I decided that I want to go back to my Treo so I am selling this one. It's been tested and everything runs fine as its new. They also gave me all the accessories so I am including them.

    Here is what you get
    - New Sprint PPC-6700
    - 2gb Sandisk mini SD
    - Brand new stock OEM battery (in phone)
    - Metal case with swivel clip from old phone
    - New/Unused OEM Leather case w/belt clip from new phone
    - 2 OEM docking stations (1 from old phone, 1 from new)
    - 1 New USB sync cable
    - 1 New AC Charger
    - 1 aftermarket Car Charger
    - Manual and software (unopened)
    - 2 New Stylus
    - New Stereo Earbuds w/microphone (unopened)

    You basically get everything except the box as they did not give me that.

    EDIT: Ignore shipping part if it shows up in the title as this will be for local pickup only.
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