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    Ok... I got 2 of these guys to get rid of.

    The first one was mine, second one was the wifes. We both sported them for about 3 months before upgrading to 755s


    While both antennas are in great shape, mine has a few "wear" marks on the top... Pretty much unavoidable... I couldn't even get them to show up in a picture.

    The Wifes


    She used a pouch for her treo, so her antenna lid is absolutely flawless... scratch free. Although, at some point in time installing hers... we must have twisted a bit too tight, and caused those stress marks you can see on the base. Both are antennas sat flat with no noticeable gap... so it isn't a major issue, but it exists none the less.

    I'm asking 20 shipped (paid through paypal) for mine, and 15 for hers (truly tragic about those stress marks :P)

    First one to reply with a "mine" type response, has claim, and ill update the thread accordingly when they are all taken up.

    Holler back with any questions
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    mine. pm me to work out the details.
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    are either of these still available? please let me know...
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    Same here, if still available.
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    not for sale anymore?

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