Info Sharp 0.65 for PocketPC - save 30% from

Info Sharp gathers SMS Firewall, Auto Answering/Forward Machine, and SMS Notification in one. It also can manage and classify all
your SMS more efficiently.
It can not only send, receive, forward SMS but also manage the all sms into a Tree structure. It also has a super filter which take
many actions such as play sound, vibrate, auto reply by the SMS's number or content. The document which saved SMS can be read by
E-Stack Room

MySQLMobile Package for Pocket PC - save 30% from

MySQLMobile allows software developers to write their own applications that can interact with mySQL databases.
# usable from C++, eVC, eVB, VBVBVB.$NET$ $and$ $C$#, $Visual$ $Studio$ .$NET$ $2003$, $Visual$ $Studio$ $2005$, $and$ $more$
# package includes a DLL, LIB, OCX (ActiveX) and .NET control so you can use what best fits the situation.
# connect to any MySQL database (versions 3.x, 4.x and 5.x), as opposed to other products.
# example applications included for many programming environments
# extensive documentation included
# support for data compression
# support for large encoded binaries, like images