RPN CalcSeries Financial 12C+ for Palm OS - save 30% from PDATopSoft.com


RPNCalc 12C+ is a graphical calculator that emulates
the functionalities of HP-12C Programmable Financial Calculator with many extra features (HP-12C is a trademark of Hewlett Packard
Co.). It calculates
loan payments, interest rates, PV, PMT, FV, Odd days, statistics, percent, NPV, IRR, MIRR, depreciation, bonds, date calculations,
mathematical calculations,
amortization, investment calculator with WHAT-IF analysis for different user defined scenarios, Conversions, Break-Even and Profit
& Loss analysis, ...

CleanMemory 1.0a for Palm OS - save 30% from PDATopSoft.com


CleanMemory is a powerful utility that reduces application file size by removing redundant bitmap resources that do not support
your Palm device. Normally, Palm developers will design more than one bitmap for particular resource (e.g. 16bit color high
resolution, 8 bit color low resolution, 4 bit grayscale low resolution, 2 bit grayscale low resolution) into the application file
(.PRC) so that it can support all Palm-Powered devices. But your Palm device use only one bitmap, and the rest are useless. Here
CleanMemory comes to free up your memory space by removing those useless bitmaps.