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    I have only used this phone for a month. It is in like new condition. No scratches or marks since it has been placed in a hard case since day one. I am very sorry to have to sell this phone but I was recently hired by a company which gave me a new phone with BES. I have invested over $200.00 in accessories that I am also including in the price. Treo comes in its original box (minus Cingular rebate tab), with wall charger, usb sync cable and OEM Palm 1200 mah battery.

    You will also receive: additional wall charger; Seidio extended battery (2400 mah - twice the power of the oem battery) and battery cover; Seidio rubberized, black hard case for extended battery; NEW (never used) additional standard battery; NEW (never used) OEM Palm Treo Battery Charger; New (never used)Crystal hard case removable belt clip for standard battery; 2 gb Sandisk Mini SD Card. A $750.00 value pack.

    I will only accept paypal at: Will ship item the next business day after receiving payment.

    I will offer free shipping to the 48 contiguous US states via insured, priority mail. Feel free to email if you have any doubts!

    Asking price $500.00
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