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    I am on the phone holding (and paying for a long distance call) because my Prism is having a number of problems. It appears that Handspring has changed their policy, because in the past I always called their customer support number when I had a problem.

    A bunch of things have stopped working on my prism such as the IR, and an interference "buzzing." I'm sure these are things that even the most talented tech support wizard couldn't fix over the phone... but they want me to wait on hold (on my dime) for their tech support person.

    Anyway, I'm not happy with this little revision in policy. If they are going to force people to wait in line for a tech support person before getting an RMA number, they should provide an 800 number.

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    So how did the rest of your interaction go? The last time I had to call Handspring for a problem with my Platinum, I called customer service, who told me to call tech support. After tech support was satisfied that it wasn't a problem that could be corrected by uninstalling/reinstalling drivers on my PC, THEN they told me to call customer service to get an RMA. Ridiculous system if you ask me. I hope your experience was at least slightly better.
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    I suppose they can't have customer support people doing technical support (wouldn't we scream about that?), and the tech support guy was OK. He made me do a hard reset, and waited patiently while I backed up to my module before doing so...

    One of the problems I have is a "buzzing" noise that is like a badly tuned radio. It's pretty loud, and no hard reset is going to cure that. They eventually acceded to sending me a new one, but it took too long and I was paying for the call. My only complaint is that they charge for technical support. $450 for a visor prism is enough that they ought to be able to pay for a toll-free technical support line. The customer service person actually agreed with me: "yes, I agree, it isn't right to make you call a toll number..."

    </rant off>

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    I actually don't mind toll calls PROVIDED that they staff enough support personel so that there is no hold time.

    The amount of time it takes for us consumers to call into these support centers is pathetic.

    A friend of mine had to call FedEx 3 times in 3 months to correct the SAME billing mistake repeatedly. On the third call he insisted that he talk with someone in charge of invoices, as he needed to invoice FedEx for his time spent fixing their problem (a consultant fee of $300 and hour).

    They finally cut him a check for $150.

    I think as consumers that we should be allowed to bill companies for time on hold with them as well as waiting for the repair person who is late.

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    Well, I almost have to back up and quit complaining. You can see what time I was on the phone with Handspring yesterday, and a brand new (probably refurbished?) Visor Prism arrived in the mail today. It doesn't have the radio "buzz" and seems to be in good shape (no screen scratches, nice finish, etc.)

    I didn't like the toll call, but they certainly got me a new unit quick enough.

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    If the tech line was toll free, then you would have to wait a very loooooooong time to get through to an agent. WHy? Stupid people would call up asking how to do a soft reset because they are too lazy to read the user guide. If its free, people *will* take advantage (or disadvantage) of it.

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