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    ive made several posts about my switch to the new bb curve

    now its time for me to sell my sprint 700wx with many accessories

    first off i got the phone on dec 18, 2006 and used it up until i went to europe to study for a semester on jan 23, 2007. i continued to use the phone from may 10 2007 to june 10 2007 so the phone has only been used basically 2.5 months

    the phone is immaculate and in great condition
    included are:

    extra battery
    2 home chargers
    1 car charger
    1 1gb mini sd card w/sd adapter
    bubberized belt clip
    3.5 mm headphone adapter

    and all original in the box accessories

    please email me if you are interested:
    in the subject line mention treocentral and 700wx please

    thank you
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    i can set this up over ebay or paypal (or both)
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    email sent..
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    here is the ebay listing if anyone else is interested. good luck Killa Klown!

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