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    I got a new Handspring 'distressed leather' cover for my Ice VDX- loved it! Was carrying it in my pocket, when I had to squeeze by something, and later discovered that the snap put enough pressure on the screen to shatter it. I was heartbroken!

    This happened Friday. Late Friday night (about midnight, our time), I called the 888 number for Customer Support. After a relatively short tour through the voice mail system I got a live person who was upbeat and helpful! He more than made up for the annoyance of the mail system.

    He said the replacement would arrive in 3-5 business days, and many posters have commented on the speed of this process- so, let's track it on down.

    Friday midnight starts the clock, which works against both of us because now there is an entire weekend in the way.

    Monday morning: Withdrawl symptoms from the VDX are strong, but controlled with massive medication. I find myself looking forward to the 3:00 delivery time FedEx and UPS usually arrive.
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    Monday, the tracking number they gave me never showed up on the FedEx site. I went home, Visorless, sad, broken. (My call to Customer Service for the tracking number was a pleasant experience- quick, friendly, and efficient).

    Tuesday AM- the tracking number showed up, and they said it was already in Omaha (Next Day service)!

    Tuesday, 1:30- it is here! Tah-Dah!

    Now- to go home, resync, and get my life going again!

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