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    I have a Cingular Treo 650 for sale. It is in excellent condition, and I have a Palm cradle included in the package. In addition, there is already a Martin Field Overlay Plus screen protector installed. All standard accessories are included, as well as the original installation software CD. By the way, I have a slightly used Palm Treo OEM case that I will include (not pictured).

    There are no scratches on the screen, and there are only a few minor scratched on the back of the device. It has been taken care of very well. It is perfect working condition. I am selling the device because my company has purchased another device for my use.


    Asking $150 + S&H, OBO

    Note: I will only ship in the continental United States.

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    PMed you
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    PMed you
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    I PMed you right AFTER I posted it here. NOW you should see it. =)
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    this sold? i might be interested if he's not ^^

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    Item has sold! Chenling bought it, and I would happily do business with him again. A+ buyer. I hope your dad enjoys it!

    Best regards,

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