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    This'll be quick.

    First contact gets Eyemodule 1 with Instructions, Disc and Carry-Bag. Mint Condition, only used twice (got me an eyemodule 2).


    Send Money Order including S&H $6.00 (Total $81.00) and carry your doggie's picture with you to work.

    My Father said; "A fast nickel is worth more than a slow dime."

    Bruce, The PDA P.A.
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    Okay, okay...

    Fifty bucks, plus six for S&H, or I give it to my boss tommorrow.

    Bruce, The PDA P.A.
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    He who hesitates is lunch.

    The eyemodule goes to my boss.

    The Brownie Points are worth more than the bucks.

    Bruce, The PDA P.A.
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    Originally posted by BHansen

    The eyemodule goes to my boss.

    Dang, that's what I get for not checking VC all weekend...

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