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    I have a gently used Sprint Treo 700p for sale. It is about a year old and in great condition. I still have all of the original packaging, manuals, cd's, accessories, etc. I have always had a screen protector on it so the screen has no scratches. There are a couple very minor scuffs on the bottom and a tiny scratch in the antenna but other than that it looks new. I can provide pictures if you like.

    I have numerous skin cases (clear, smoke, pink, purplish-blue), a Seidio extended battery, pen stylus, car charger, battery cover with reset button hole most of which are useless with my 755 and I can include any, all or none of them in if you are interested. I might even be able to throw in a 2 or 4 Gb Sandisk SD card if you are interested (I've had a couple family members ask about them but I'm not sure if they were really serious or not).

    I'm thinking about putting it up on eBay soon but if someone here is interested and would like to make an offer I'd be happy to aviod the fees.
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    How much are you asking for it?

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