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    Posted on ebay (same username as the one I go by here):

    Ebay Profile (100+ Positive):

    Brand new tablet Linux device, functions a TV remote too! Never got time to play with it so I'm selling it.

    Bidding starts at $299 or Buy for $399. You can PM for offers before any ebay bids and I'll consider them.

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    eBay says this listing is no longer available
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    Hmm could be because the auction hasn't started yet. Hah I figured since I can see it you guys could too. It starts at 10:30 EST so I guess this is a bit premature.

    Here's what I can do, links to the pictures on the auction:

    1) Picture of what it would look like

    2) Picture of PP Box

    3) Box open showing device

    So, check back at 10:30 or send me your offers. Sorry about this, I sincerely thought you guys would be able to see it as I do, it displays normally but says "This auction has not yet started" up top.

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