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    I don't need one, but they are just so cool that it would be neat to have.

    I'll say that I am "casually" looking for one. If there happens to be a good price, THEN IT SHALL BE MINE!

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    no one?
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    I'm considering selling my stowaway and prism pretty soon. Name a price and I'll consider it.

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    Handango has new ones listed for $100. Depending on how new it is, I might offer $60-$70.

    Like I said, it's a neat thing, but I don't NEED it.
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    Ben? You still thinking about selling your Stowaway?
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    I'll sell mine for $60 - it is in excellent condition.

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    can you email me?

    I'll go to the local CompUSA and play with one for a while and make sure that it is good, then we can deal. I'm definitely up for it though.
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    In case you see this before you check your email, I sent you an email telling you that I want to buy your stowaway.

    Just an FYI.
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    heberman...did you get my email? Are you still planning on selling your Stowaway?

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