VITO AstroNavigator II - save 30% from

VITO AstroNavigator is the GPS application that displays the sky map above you according to your current position, time and
direction of movement. With VITO AstroNavigator you are now able to identify sky objects with a single tap.

# The sky map in VITO AstroNavigator II contains over 9000 stars visible to the naked eye, planets of solar system including Sun,
Moon and constellations.
# VITO AstroNavigator II provides you with easy search of sky objects. You can quickly pick a necessary planet, constellation or
star by sliding the list with a finger.
# With VITO AstroNavigator II you are now able to identify any sky object and receive general information with a single tap.
# Just slide with a finger to rotate the screen and see a star, a planet, or a constellation. Tap one of them to read a wealth of
information about it in a pop-up window.
# You can choose what celestial bodies you want to be displayed for more convenient viewing. It is possible to turn on or off
displaying of stars, planets, constellations, grid.