PathAway GPS SE for Palm OS - save 30% from

GPS Navigation using your own maps! Convert any digital map, for use on your Palm. Then, attach a compatible GPS (via bluetooth,
cable, snap-on, or card) to your Palm, and you have a powerful GPS Moving Map navigation system. PathAway provides affordable
navigational support for aviation, boating, automobile, snowmobiling, hiking, cycling, or any other form of travel.
Utilize the power of the Palm OS and GPS receiver, to give you an incredibly feature-rich and affordable navigation solution.
Incredibly easy to use interface, helps you find your way.

pointWORLD for Palm - save 30% from

Extend your knowledge of the world by playing pointWORLD!
Get the key information about all countries of the world in an instant! Just point on a country in the map and get the information
you need.
But pointWORLD is not only an advanced world time system and knowledge database for Palm OS devices, it's also great edutainment
for you and your kids! It offers nearly unlimited possibilities to test your knowledge about flags, capitals, areas and biggest
cities of the world. Every quiz is generated out of hundreds of thousands possible questions.