I have a little used, nearly new Seiko DPU-3445-20 Micro-Printer (thermal printer) that uses IrDA to talk to Palm devices. (www.seiko.com)

I would like to swap it for a InfraReady Adaptor from the PrintBoy people (www.bachmannsoftware.com). I will also sell the package for the same price as a InfraReady, shipped ($66.25, via PayPal)

The package I am offering includes:
-Roll paper holder (uses 4 1/8 to 4 5/8" thermal roll paper, available at office Depot, etc. (Look for 'medical/lab thermal paper')
-6-7 rolls of Radio Shack 4 1/8" paper, older stock but still works great!
-Batter, recharger, recharger cord
-AC adaptor- multi-voltage and tip 'universal' version
-all manuals, etc.

You will need a copy of PalmPrint (www.stevenscreek.com) or IR Print (www.issolutions.com?) to send the documents. Softwareis not included in this offer.

The Seiko is a good little printer- compact, portable, durable. It has good print quality for the price (like a good cash register reciept). I just would rather use my desktop printer if possible.