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    700wx for Sprint. Got it 2/1/07. Always had a screen protector on it. Excellent condition.

    With the following:

    - THREE (count them THREE) extra batteries. (When you're on a plane for a long time and you want music, this is what you do). Let me make this clear. You're getting 4 batteries altogether. You can practically live off the grid now.

    - TWO Transcend 150x 4GB SD cards. Hey. Music takes up space.

    - The A/C adapter.

    - The sync cable.

    - The box with the CD and all of the junk they stuff in there.

    $325.00 and that includes overnight DHL to you at my expense. If you want to come to Pasadena, CA, you're welcome to pick it up in person.

    I've gone back to T-Mobile and I am using a 750. I'm sorry to leave the SERO lifestyle behind.
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    I thought you liked the Sero plan.
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    He liked the SERO plan but got problems with international SMS so he's back to T-Mobile using 750 unlocked. Do a search! (Ha ha ha! Just kidding! Can't resist!)
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    Yep, the SERO pricing was great. And unlimited texting now. That broke my heart. But I'm getting text messages from Dubai again.

    I have an insane amount of extra stuff for the 700wx. Could not budge my wife over to Windows from her 650.
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    New price for the bundle $300 including DHL to you overnight.

    PM or email me at tastypeppersAARON@yahoo.comREMOVE-THE-HOME-RUN-KING'S-NAME.

    I have Yahoo mail, the free kind, running on my 750. I'm a happy guy. Thanks JohnnyMac.
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    I'm interested for sure...I'm sending you a PM. So I'm assuming the phone has a clear ESN and all that. Also, is there anywhere I can check feedback for you?
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    tastypeppers is an ebay user and it is me. Or search for members number 105839. I'm real.
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    would you be willing to sell the sd cards separately?
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    I have someone who wants the whole package. If he doesn't take it I wil sell the Treo, batteries, and SD cards separately.

    I wish I could persuade my wife to use Windows....

    I see more and more moms with Treos. But PalmOS Treos. Yesterday's sighting had her 650 clad with a pink silicone skin.
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    Okay, I'm convinced you're legit. Send me some pictures, and we should have things underway by tonight.
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    I have a small hike with the kids then I will head down to the office and take some pix for you.
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    Still waiting for the pictures.
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    Pix come in the morning. Sorry. Long weekend family stuff kept me away from the 700wx.
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    Okay, that's fine.
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    He sent the pictures, and I sent the payment. As long as everything clears, I should have this phone soon.
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    Yup. Sold to Freak4Dell. Thanks.

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