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    sad to say, i think i'm ditching...kyocera beat airprime to it... thought i'd post here before ebay...

    selling the following items:

    graphite VDX, 'optimized' version for minstrel, less than six months old, incl USB cradle, four handspring deluxe stylii: $125

    total recall module (targus), one month old, barely used: $80

    backup module, used, but works perfectly, incl gameboy case: $25

    thinmodem module, lightly used, works perfectly, incl cable, gameboy case: $90

    visor stowaway keyboard perfect shape, barely used: $75

    fullcharge system, AC and DC chargers, brand new, batteries used for one charge cycle: $40

    govox voice recorder (palm III style lid form that fits visor with a flipclip: $40

    unless otherwise noted, items come with original packaging and software, etc.

    i do paypal. probly the easiest.

    i might be able to move a little on some of the prices depending on the item, and maybe if you want more than one thing??

    post inquiries/offers here or get me at

    saddest part is leaving VC *sniff*
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    i CAN spell, i just don't have time...
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    Originally posted by corb
    saddest part is leaving VC *sniff*
    There's no need to leave... you're always welcome here.
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    I am interested in your Visor Deluxe! (I've been desperately searching for weeks and eBay has not been kind)

    I am warning you, you can sell your Visor Deluxe for a heckuva lot more on eBay than for $125.00 .. although I should keep my mouth shut.....

    Anyway, I should have sent you an eMail, if you dun get it, try mailing me.
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    please email me if the keyboard is still available...
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    is the keyboard still available?
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    hey guys...sorry about the delay. i actally sold the visor and the keyboard to my co-worker the day after my post. thanks..take it easy.

    the other stuff is still available, if anybody else reads this post.
    i CAN spell, i just don't have time...
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    thwarted yet again in my efforts to get a cheap stowaway that I don't even really need.

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