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    I just upgraded to a 700P and so I thought I'd Sell my 650. It's a Verizon Treo 650 so no it won't work on any other networks. Only Minor Scratches on the case no scratches on the screen. Everything works Great. I've updated it to the Verizon Treo650-1.05a-VZW software.
    Life Timer 9155
    Life Data 489933
    Hardware Revision B
    This is not a refurb according to the RTN Screen.
    I don't talk much so the battery would last me 3-4 days.
    I have the original CD's that came with the phone from Verizon.
    This also includes the OEM USB Sync Cable
    A Wall Charger (OEM)
    and a Car Charger.
    $150 OBO including Shipping.

    PM or e-mail me. I'll leave it here for a few days for the treoers to get the first chance then it's headed for ebay if it doesn't sell.
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