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    I am switching to sprint. So my Treo 680 is going bye bye.
    Here is what is for sale

    Artic Treo 680 (with install/software cd, original box and accesories and a spare Artic battery cover)
    Palm OEM 1200mah attery
    Seidio Extended Artic battery cover with 2400mah battery
    Seidio Extended Super Slim case for treo 680
    8GB SDHC card
    Screen is beautiful. Boxwave screen protector was on screen at all times.

    $320 shipped.

    Paypal funds ships with in 2 business days.

    I will consider parting out. send me a PM
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    bump $300 obo
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    If I had Cingular/AT&T,
    I would be SO interested.
    I have sprint,
    and am awaiting the 755p.

    I can only wish they made it in white.

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    first dibs, you got pm
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    I still have the Treo. SOMEONE BUY IT
    • Treo 680 ARTIC with 8gb SDHC card $280
    • Seidio extended super slim case and 2400mah battery with artic battery cover (used) $45.00
    • Sedio super slim case and 1380 battery (never used still in package) $40
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    I wish.
    I'd love to put my 755p,
    inside of an Arctic 680 casing.


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    My roomate has T-Mobile,
    and is looking for a new phone.
    I'll ask him about it.

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    check ur pm's
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    I may be interested in it. What is the condition of the casing? Do you have any pictures?
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    I have to sell it. My nokia E61i is waaaay to sweet.
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    I think I've asked you this before, but didn't receive a response.

    How much for just the phone and original accessories? Looking to buy a arctic 680 for my gf.
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    $255 shipped
    I'm trying to sell the phone with everything. For $300 it is a great deal.....
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