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    COPPER Color Battery Door Available TODAY!!
    Now, 2400mAh extended Batteries for Treo 680 available in ALL Colors!

    Double capacity - This Extended Battery provides approximately 100% more capacity than the 1200mAh battery that initially ships with the Treo. For those on the go without access to an external charging alternative, this is the answer. This battery will keep your Treo going throughout the day, even with very heavy phone and data usage.

    While we have packed a lot of power into one battery, this product only extends your Treo 680 by 4-5 mm! In fact, the extended battery cover will make holding your Treo easier. your hand rests on the battery cover quite comfortably. Plus, this battery is compatible with Seidio's rubberized holster.

    With the purchase of this 2400mAh Extended Battery, you will receive one battery door to match your Treo 680, which is now available in ALL Colors.


    *For more information on this product, click HERE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post

    Ummm...yeah, I would like to know as well. If it's the same humpy battery/battery-cover combo as's old news.

    If it is a new and improved version that accurately shows battery charge on the 680 meter without any of the negative side effects many have had...I may be a player.
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    The news is the copper color. I ended up selling my copper so I could get the extended battery to match.
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