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    I do not get any type of singal on my phone. my guess is its the motherboard.

    you are bidding on a treo 650 WITHOUT a motherboard.

    so you will get

    the case
    keyboard + keys
    PERFECT WORKING screen + digitizer (touchscreen)
    battery + battery cover
    wall charger
    books (phone guide)

    and a slightly used 512mb stick.
    idk what else. whatever the pohone comes with minus the motherboard. i will take pictures for those who ask, so if you are interested let me know.

    this phone was for a GSM. but if u wanna make it verizon just pick up a verizon motherboard for about 100 bucks.
    im asking 70 bucks shipped for this. i saw a few on ebay just sell for 75 plus shipping.


    IM ME: b15ginz
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    morning bump. i will part this off also!

    oh and the stylus is included too.
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    bump. ill take offers.

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