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    I am looking to buy a 700p for Verizon. I prefer new in box, but let me know what you have.

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    Anyone else have a Treo 700p for sale?
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    I have a Treo 700p to sell, it is only about 8 months old as it was a replacement from a 650 i trashed. My 700p is used with minor nicks and scraps but it is in fine working condition. I have a couple of cases to go with it and all the original accessories including a sync and charge cable. I can even throw in a 1gb SD card, since I will have no use for that, also have a car charger to go with it.

    If you are interested, make an offer on it, rather see it go to someone on here who I know will get max use out of it.

    I am selling it casue my new every two is available through verizon and I want a smaller form factor.


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