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    I've got two Treos collecting dust in the closet that I need to get rid of.

    650: Lifetimer is at 1179 and there's some obvious wear marks. Screen is scratch free and has always under a screen protector. Comes with Sena skin case (brown), clip holster, and Seidio Innodock Junior (works fine). Asking $110.

    680: Lifetimer is at 394 and I scratched the return key about a month ago. Works like a charm and has also carried a screen protector since being pulled from the box. Comes with a 1gig SD card, pouch case, and extra battery. Asking $160.

    Prices include shipping charges and I prefer paypal payments. If you need any feedback, my ebay member name is shadwfax. Pictures available upon request. Just PM me if you are interested.
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    Have you sold the 680, yet?
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    Pending sale on both.


    I've always wanted to tell you this. You've got the most sensual eyes of any member on the forums.
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    Awwww...aren't you the sweetest thing

    Let me know if your sale falls through...
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    Both have been sold.
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    Got your PM...
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    dam, great deals

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