For one reason or another, I have a lot of extra PDA cases and stuff on hand. Anyone interested? (All asking prices are negotiable!)

Franklin Covey "Case", olive nylon ( New in box still. Originally $29.95. Let me mail it out of the box in a padded envelope and I'll sell it to you for $25 including shipping (US only).

E&B Slipper, black, some use. I took the belt-clip thing off, but will include it in the package. $20 including shipping (US).

BucketBoss PDA pouch ( Like new, and nearly indesctructable! A bit large for the Visor, but that also allows space for other stuff! $15 shipped in the US.

Occidental Leather calculator/PDA pouch ( is another slightly oversized pouch, this time a bit too deep (cleaning cloth and batteries fill in the bottom nicely!) Tough, thick leather! $15 shipped in the US.

Sumdex #EVP-802SV silver case ( A decent PDA case, padded OK- nothing fancy. $5 if a part of another order, or $8 shipped.

7 Fellowes WriteRIGHTs for the Visor (and several Palms as well), including the little 'squeegee' card- $7 with shipping in the US (but will not ship the over-sized 'folder' at that cost).

I can take PayPal, or checks, cashier's checks, etc. Shipping will be US Post Office First Class (or similar) in a padded envelope unless otherwise arranged.