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    iLaunch for Pocket PC

    It looks like the iPhone, but itís not ! However,it can do a few things that the iPhone canít do.

    * Lock your screen and put it in your pocket without triggering unwanted actions

    * Launch commonly used programs with the touch of your finger

    *Start programs such as Pocket Outlook, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Pocket Excel and Pocket Word, Camera, phone calls and Skype.

    * Fully user configurable (not in demo version): assign any program to any button. Put your favourite app under the ĎMy Owní-button. Launch Opera instead of Internet Explorer, or TomTom instead of Google maps.

    * iLaunch will automatically detect if Skype and Google Maps are on your device, and prompt you to download it, if you donít have it installed.

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    I would suggest to any one considering downloading this application not to.

    It is not designed for the treo's square screen and becuse of that its whole appeal is gone.
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    Is there a version for the square screen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by robodude View Post
    Is there a version for the square screen?
    I haven't seen any iPhone themes designed for the Treo.

    I have a Wisbar Advanced one that works.
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