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    Here's the deal, I bought my first visor deluxe on 4/5/01 from Handspring's website. It is now 4/15/01 and they are shipping me my third....The first one had a bad digitizer and it wasn't recognizing my taps, but "creating" its own. The second one, in my possession now, fails to turn on if I leave it off for more than 5 minutes...I don't know how to take this but I have to say tech support was great. They walked me through a couple steps to see if we could resolve the problem, then immediately gave me my RMA(never seen one so long) and expressed shipped me a new one. The first one arrived 12 hours after I called(9pm-9am EST). The second one...who knows, today being easter sunday and all... You can take it how you want, but I hope the third one works.

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    I tell ya here is a nightmare I had with support that led to lies and alot of agravation.
    On 4-2-2001 I had called handspring to complain about a problem with the paint coming off of my Visor Prisim and I was told I would be sent another unit. On 4-3-2001 I received the unit but it had a video problem so I called back on 4-4-2001 and was told they would send another unit to me. On 4-5-2001 I received a replacement which also had a video problem so Once more I called back on 4-6-2001 where I was told they would send a replacement and have it well checked out before it is sent. On 4-9-2001 I received the replacement unit, which was supposed to have been checked out, but yet the expansion port did not work (How this unit was tested is beyond my thought of powers) I once again called back on 4-10-2001, which I was told I would receive a Brand New unit. On 4-11-2001 I received this supposed to be brand new unit but the power/charging light did not work. I called back again on 4-12-2001 and I was told I would receive another Brand New Unit. On 4-15-2001 I received a working unit but not a brand new unit as I was told I would receive, In fact The serial number is very old on this unit and this unit was the 2nd unit sent to me which was returned for bad video.
    Since this has happend I have lost all faith in this company and there product's, I wanted to roll out the prisim unit to my sales force which has 40 people working in this department but since the nightmares I have had with handspring and there lack of compasion to fix the problem fast as well as trying to keep me happy as a coustomer has just not been there.
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    (oops...double post)
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
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    It sounds like you received 2 of my returns!

    This happens every so oftern where someone get's caught in a chain of bad Visors. I'm on by 5th visor. This one has been working fine for about a year now, so I think I made it through the worst of them.

    What seems to happen is that when you return you visor, they send you a refurbed unit, which they never seem to properly test...which is unexcusable, IMHO. Anyways, since you are drawing from this pool of poorly tested refurbs, your chances of getting a bum unit seem to go up drastically.

    I'd INSIST on a new unit next time you need to return it.

    Ninja Kid: WOW! I thought my 4 returns were a streak of bad luck...I can't believe you had to return that many! Handspring is REALLY failing in their internal Quality Assurance.
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    I hate to say it, but I love my is sleek, fast, and the storage is great....i just wish I didn't ahve to deal with all these damn problems....its bad prprpr, $and$ $it$ $hurts$ $my$ $confidence$ $level$...$I$ $would$ $think$ $that$ $handspring$ $should$ $realize$ $this$ $problem$ $and$ $do$ $something$ $about$ $it$....$we$ $need$ $to$ $see$ $if$ $this$ $is$ $common$ $occurence$...$I$ $think$ $pr$ $over$ $at$ $handspring$ $should$ $be$ $alerted$ $to$ $this$ $consistent$ $issue$...$and$ $yes$ $next$ $time$ $DEMAND$ $A$ $NEW$ $ONE$!!!

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    Well Actually I did demand a new one 2 different times and They swore to me they would send me brand new unit's, the first one they did send looked like a new machine and was even bubble wrapped but the power light was dead on it. Then once more they said that they would send me a brand new unit after I demanded it once again and they assured me they would send one but what I got was a Used unit that was sent to me in a past shippment and didn't work but at least it worked now. I must say I will never touch another Handspring product again and I would never advise anyone to purchase one. The way I see it the unit is a loss to me and I will keep it on my desk and use it as a paper weight. I will only use USR unit for now on. I think if handspring even offered me something for my trouble I would have looked at it another way but since they didn't the heck with them.
    My friend had a USR palm device and he had a similar problem but at least USR offered him a free case or extended warranty on the unit, He felt good about the offer I think it shows the company cares.
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    usr? who is usr? u mean
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    Yes the company that makes the palm device

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