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    The Seidio Silver Inno.Dock Desktop Cradle is one of the most innovative sync and charge cradles yet. Its trendy design is highly functional, allowing you to dock your Treo 750 while in the case! (Compatible with most cases that have an open connector bottom and face out screen).

    It features a 3.5 mm stereo output jack that enables this cradle to connect to headphones, speakers (See note), computers, or home sound systems so you can use your Palm device as a home mp3 player!

    The Integrated HotSync Buttonlets you initiate a HotSync at the touch of a button rather than having to go through the cumbersome task of using the HotSync application on your Palm device.

    The cradle is powered by your computer's USB port, with the use of the included USB to USB 1.1 Cable, making the use of an additional wall charger unnecessary. (Our USB to USB 2.0 Cable can be purchased separately to ensure a speedier data transfer.) If you want to power the cradle through a wall outlet, simply connect the USB to USB Cable to a USB Travel Adaptor (not included).

    What is included:
    • Inno.Dock Cradle
    • USB to USB 1.1 Cable

    * For Amplified Speaker Users, we strongly recommend that you make the additional purchase of the Audio-Out Coupler to avoid any impedance issues.

    Visit ONLINE for more information on this product.
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    Does the audio output work for the 750? I thought it didn't...

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