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    The G4300X is the most ground-breaking car kit yet. It allows you to charge and hold your device, even with the extended batteries (for 680/750), skins, and cases. In addition, the trendy new rubberized coating provides a sleek new look. Other user-friendly advantages include:
    • Hands free usage
    • Allows for use with headphones or car stereo system (via aux or Optional FM Transmitter)
    • 10ft long external microphone (for better reception)
    • Easy Setup
    • Works with Bluetooth GPS Receivers for In-car Navigation (Navigation Software is needed)
    • DC Out Port can power (optional) FM Transmitter or Bluetooth GPS Receiver

    This Car Kit is designed for those who want to play music from their Treo via the car stereo (does not include a speaker).

    What is included?
    • G4300X cradle for Treo 680/750
    • DC Power Cord
    • Microphone 10ft
    • Earpiece
    • 8" Windshield suction cup mount
    • Air Vent Pedestal
    • 360 degree swivel adapter
    • Locking Plate for mounting

    Go ONLINE for more information on this product.
    Contact: Treo680/
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    Can I use this without losing the BT connection to my car's built-in handsfree system?

    I am interested in just using it for the audio out and the charging features.


    Edit to add: This would be with a Sprint Treo 755p.
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