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    I am selling my Sprint Treo 700wx for $350 shipped as I just upgraded to a Moto Q. The phone itself is very special... because installed is a Gadgetplus Zero Antenna (click name for more details). This antenna does not effect the performance of the phone. I will also include the original 700wx antenna, the TORX T5 screwdriver, and installation/removal instructions just incase you want to switch antennas.

    Below is a list of everything that is being sold for $350
    700wx unit (w/Gadgetplus Zero Antenna installed)
    Sync Cable
    Welcome guide
    Installation Software
    TORX T5 screwdriver
    Original Antenna
    Installation/removal antenna instructions

    The phone is in great shape. No scratches at all. Works perfectly. The ESN is clean. $350 shipped, PayPal only, shipping to USA only. PM if interested.

    Thanks, Justin.
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    still available?
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    still available?
    It's been sold.

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