I have upgraded my Treo, and wanted to give someone on the forums a chance to get a 650 at a good price.

I've had the 650 for about a year and a half. It's in wonderul condition. No problems at all, and just some normal wear and tear in terms of condition. Works absolutely perfectly. I also got in unlocked two months ago, so this can be used with any compatible service provider.

Comes with:

2 Wall chargers
Car Charger
Sync Cable
1GB SD Card
Hard case (black aluminum case; very used)

I can also include some software I have purchased that I can't use on the new phone.

These seem to be going on eBay for upwards of $250 plus shipping without all the accessories. I'll let it all go for $225 shipped.

Please contact me with any questions of if interested. Thanks for your time.