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    I know its not a treo, but I have an unlocked HTC 8215 wizard smartphone. It was branded to cingular, but no longer has any cingular software on it. Only says cingular on the front. It is basically brand new with 0 minutes on it. It has a scuff mark next to the ear speaker where it looks like it rubbed up against something. It will work on any GSM network. It does not come with a sim card. I'd like to get $300 shipped obo for it. I am also interested in some trades. Let me know what you have and we can deal from there. I'm looking for a sprint PPC either 6700 or Treo 700wx.

    On to the details...

    The phone is sim unlocked and also CID unlocked. So you can use it with any GSM service and load any rom or software you want on it. Right now its Running Windows Mobile 6 underground edition. I also have a bunch of other programs and tweaks to include along with it.

    Here are the specs copied from the cingular website and pics below...
    Link to manufacturer specs.

    Microsoft® Windows Mobile(TM) 5.0 Pocket PC Edition
    Camera with 1.3 MP camcorder and flash
    PDA with full QWERTY keyboard & slide-out design
    Bluetooth® wireless capable
    Windows Media® Player and MP3 capabilities
    EDGE High speed data connectivity
    Remotely access mail, calendars, & contacts with ActiveSync(TM) & Xpress Mail(TM).
    Easily create e-mail and view Microsoft® Office(TM) attachments
    Microsoft Outlook synchronization through ActiveSync(TM)
    Color touch screen with large 2.8" QVGA display
    Quad-band world phone
    Integrated WiFi, IrDA, Mini-SD, Mini-USB, & S/MIME support
    Supports Pocket MSN & MSN Messenger
    Internet Explorer Mobile® full browser
    Speaker phone for hands-free conversations
    Multimedia messaging - send, pictures, text & sound
    3-D surround speakers included plus stereo headset

    I have only played around with it a little. Browsed the web over my wifeless network and listened to music on it. Other than that, it's just been sitting on my computer desk. Again, it has Windows Mobile 6 installed and does not include the stereo headset or sim card. It comes with the phone itself, charger, USB cable, and I will throw in 2 new screen protectors for it. Just pop in your GSM sim and go.

    Here are the pics...
    First one shows the scuff I was talking about and the rest of just random pics of it at different angles and screens.

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    You say that you have not done much, but that device comes with WM5 not WM6 and what you show is WM6. Can you explain how WM6 got on there? That would really clinch it for someone who is purchasing from you but does not get what they thuoght they were paying for
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    Yeah, I put Wm6 on it. That was one of the things I meant by playing around with it. It will include the most up to date offical cingular rom and their updater. It can be loaded back to WM5 without any problems. I've put 2 different versions of WM6 on it while messing with it. Anyone could put basically any wizard rom they want on it.
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    woah wm 6.0!
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    Yup. It hasnt been offically released yet, but its been leaked and there are a lot of different versions out there that other people have tweaked and changed. Its pretty cool. The HTML email looks nice.
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    No one?

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