Hi there,

Sprint replaced my Treo 700wx a couple of weeks ago because I had problems using it with my BMW Bluetooth. Turned out the replacement did the same thing. Long story short... I got a Sprint Moto Q, which works perfectly with my car. So -

I have a 2 week old PERFECT CONDITION Treo 700wx with all of the factory accessories, box, book, everything. I also have a additional Palm desk cradle and a Seidio extended battery that came with the extra cradle. I have a car charger and I'll toss in a 256mb SD card, a Seidio belt holster and a Sprint leather case.

Phone new is $650.00 (that's what I paid)
Accessories are worth +- $200.00

I'll take $500.00 for everything and I'll include shipping.

Please e-mail me at robert.margolis@comcast.net