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    Hello - I have come to the conclusion that I do not need most of the functions of a treo so I am offering it for sale to treocentral users before I put it up on ebay.

    The unit is a treo 700p for Sprint. It is 6 months old and has seen little usage. It comes with a palm screen protector (already installed), one of the new Seidio thin rubberized cases with holster, a Seidio battery cover with reset hole, as well as a leather S7 case (similar to a Vaja). Also the usual palm stuff: usb charging cable, electric charger and earbuds (never used).

    The only blemish on the treo is a nick on the bottom left corner which is not visible when either case is on.

    I am asking $250 just to sell quickly so that I can purchase a new phone. I will only accept paypal for payment.

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    would u sell leather case seperatly, u have any pictures of case?
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    No, I really want to just sell off the whole package at one time. Sorry
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    how about pictures of the phone...nick and all :-)
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    Let me find my camera and then figure out how to take aclose-up and then I will upload them
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    1st dibs. ill paypal you now

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