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    I have a new (refurbished) Sprint Treo 650. It has about 2000 minutes used. 1896 at the time of writing. I am also including another Treo 650, I dont think it is activatable through Sprint. The LCD works, but the backlight didn't come on last time I checked.

    2 OEM batteries, both hold a good charge.
    1 Stylus.
    2 OEM home charges.
    1 Car charger.
    1 Proclip vertical holster.
    1 Proclip swivel attachment.
    1 Spec toughskin.
    1 Spec toughskin holster.
    1 Belagio black holster.
    2 Owners manuals (one is unopened).
    1 Palm don't know what the hell it does charger thing for Sprint phones.
    2 CDs, not sure exactly what is on each. The looked different though.

    $250 obo shipped wiith insurance to your door.

    I have bought and sold plenty, I guess I need to setup a heat account. Recently bought a PPC-6700 over on PDAPhoneHome. Purchased a laptop on NBF a month ago. Traded a Treo 650 about 5 months ago on here. Have 100% feedback on Ebay and Paypal only. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Post, PM or email me at ls3mach at

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    Have actual photos of the Sprint 650?
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    Bump, price drop to $200 shipped and here are a couple of photos.
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