I would like to sell a new Eyemodule for $100 only.The packing is intact and has not been used.Its totally a fresh piece....same as the one you can buy in any shopping mall....but at a reduced cost.

Actual cost = $129.95 at eyemodule.com
reference: http://www.eyemodule.com/products/e1.asp

and at Walmart you get it for $119.96.

I actually got 2 eyemodules as Christmas presents...I am using one and plan to sell the other.Its really good to take instant pictures and download to your computer...+ you can send these instant images to your friends online..

If you are interested, please contact me at

Arizona State University.

Handspring Visor, Eyemodule features
· 320x240 pixels resolution
· On-screen viewfinder
· Easy one-button operation
· Single- or multiple-image timer
· Automatic exposure
· Rename, categorize, and attach notes to images
· Beam images to other PalmOS® devices
· E-mailed and printed from your Mac or Windows PC
· Works with the eyecontact™ address book utility
· Adds only 15 mm to the length and practically no weight to the Visor
· Works on all Visors Handhelds!

A Visor Deluxe, Platinum, or Prism with 6 MB free memory can hold more than 625 small b&w images (at 160x120 pixels), over 156 large black images (320x240 pixels) or over 32 color images (320x240 pixels, color images are gray scale when viewed on the visor).