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    Lion Battery is once again pleased to announce the release of Mugen Power’s new batteries for the PalmOne Treo 680 and 750 series Pocket PC’s.

    Aware of the consumer’s desire for variety, Mugen Power leads once again in development of several battery models to suit everyone’s taste.

    Starting with their well known capability of increasing battery capacity while staying true to design size, Mugen Power came out with a 1380mAh battery that is the same footprint as the OEM 1200mAh battery; an increase of 15% without sacrificing usability or convenience.

    Not pleased to sit back and wait, Mugen releases another model that offers 2000mAh (66% increase) without a major increase in size. While this battery comes with a replacement battery cover, the increased thickness neither detracts from the Treo’s sleek look nor performance.

    But the Engineers at Mugen knew that some power users would not be satisfied with only a 66% increase in power, so they came out with a 3300mAh version. With this battery Mugen now produces the most powerful battery available (at this time). At almost 3 times the capacity of the original OEM battery; built to high specifications and carrying the industry’s most demanding warranty, Mugen Power has again become the leader in high performance power!

    The 2000mAh and 3300mAh batteries both come with replacement battery covers made for their respective devices.

    The available batteries are:

    For the Treo 680:

    HLI-TE750SL, 1380mAh Battery

    HLI-TE680ML, 2000mAh Battery

    HLI-TE680XL, 3300mAh Battery

    For the Treo 750:

    HLI-TE750SL, 1380mAh Battery

    HLI-TE750ML, 2000mAh Battery

    HLI-TE750XL, 3300mAh Battery

    Lion Battery
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    I noticed the site has no slim, high capacity battery for the Motorola Q. Will there be one in the future?
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    Quote Originally Posted by g-funkster View Post
    I noticed the site has no slim, high capacity battery for the Motorola Q. Will there be one in the future?
    There are no plans at this time, but I will check with the factory to see if anything has changed.

    Lion Battery
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    Hi Mark!

    How about a battery cover for my Sprint Treo 700P with the 3300mAh?

    (I bought your 2200mAH for my Treo 650 2 years ago --it was a great battery.)

    Cheers, Perry.

    Goes looking for wallet. . . . .
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    any chance of Lithium Polymer batteries coming to market?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100thMonkey View Post
    any chance of Lithium Polymer batteries coming to market?
    Lithium Polymer batteries are already on the market. It just depends on the device. We carry Li-Poly batteries for smaller/older PDA's. Most of our new stuff is in Li-Ion.

    The batteries for the new Loox T830 are Li-Poly. But our newest batteries for the Treo are all Li-Ion.

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