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    Blue Visor deluxe for sale, just one week old, have receipt to prove it. I cannot return to store as I have removed the UPC and sent in for my $50 rebate. My wife had to tell me that I spoiled my anniversary gift (an ipaq!) so its obvious why Im looking to sell. Heres what I have:

    Deluxe visor (with all accessories, USB cradel etc.),

    Pentopia Stylus, 3 in 1, metal, fits perfectly in visor,

    Franklin Covey Spring board module-7 habits,

    Pocket Express entertainment pack module-tetris,

    Xtra USB synching cable-ideal for synching at work,

    Action Names, All Money and Documents To Go programs-enhanced date book and expense manager, document downloader and reader,

    Palm OS for dummies book

    Have over $485 invested total, willing to sell all for $285 plus shipping ($10.00 ups insured) I can accept paypal.

    If interested, email me @
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    Wow! You accumulated all that stuff in just a week! I'd say you really know what you want but you got the palm for dummies book, so it seems like your new at this. I'm confused.

    Have fun with your Ipaq

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    This is not my first visor, I bought one of the first that came out and it was stolen. I replaced it and at that time bought everything listed except for the dummy book, that Ive had.

    My wife has an ipaq on order as they are hard to find and it was a surprise (not any more) anniversary. She knows how much I rely on PDAs and if the ipaq wasnt backordered she would have given it to me before I went on my shopping spree. Hopes this clarifies!!

    If interested email me @

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