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    +++THIS MOFO PACKS ALOT OF JUICE!!! -i vouch for it!!

    decided to stick with my 2400mah instead.

    1st BEST OFFER takes it. (please make it reasonable)

    --i have both the verizon grey battery cover, and the blue sprint ver--

    i am hoping for $40-$45

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    bump. still avail
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    hmmm, only thing that it sucks is that it doesnt fit into cases that fit regular case..hmmmm

    buying batteries is tuff, u dont know how they were taken care of, kept plugged in all night, how long the person had....tuff tuff

    would u do $25 shipped, not sure if u are waiting for a good price or just looking to get rid of
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    no, i was hoping for more than that. sorry
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    ok let me know if u change your mind down the road
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    bump, still avail

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