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    Well, my ex-husband is giving up his Verizon Treo 700p. He has moved to the Blackberry Pearl (due to Delta paying his new account with Cingular) and I am trying to get his 700p sold for him. He was a complete n00b, so he never loaded any 3rd party apps, PIM data only. It has worked flawlessly and he never experienced resets or problems with any bluetooth headsets. He was using a Plantronics headset until he put it through the washer. It's in perfect working order and physically only has normal wear, he carried it in a Body Glove case.

    He has:
    Treo 700p (he lost the original stylus)
    Installation CD
    Wall charger
    Car charger
    2gb Lexar SD card

    To help him out, I'm throwing in two pen/stylus combo styli...

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    Sold!!! Thanks for the interest...

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