Our first contest at our new mobile forums site, The Small Picture. We've got two Joost Beta invites to giveaway today. If you've not yet heard about Joost, here's some quick details:
# Itís been developed by the guys who brought us Skype and Kazaa
# "Quite simply, Joost turns your PC into an instant, on-demand TV."
# "TV runs instantly, full screen and at high quality - thereís no lag from activating the TV software to getting something to watch."
# "So right away, this is YouTube done properly. The chat widget takes us into familiar Interactive TV territory -you can rate clips, chat with friends, and so on."
# "A menu allows users to switch channels with a click of a link. Users will also have TiVo-like control of the content and access to any show offered regardless of time of day. They can also can skip ahead or backward within a show

Contest rules are simple - check it out and try to win HERE